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Oh my God, I'm back on the 'net!! O.O

Since the beginning of the year, I moved 4 times, travelled about 3 500 km with my car (2 200 miles), spent more than 30 h bored to death in trains and went back to 'school' for two months.

All this so I could get a new job and move on the other side of France! ^^;;

But now I'm settled! Well, for a few months at least (I'm going back to see my family for the holidays in august: another 2000 km for me, yeah ^_~).
So, I've got this new appart, new car (well, I got it last October, but really, it's not that far ^^), new job, in a new town, with a new landscape! There are mountains every where and when I arrived, in April, there was even some snow left over!! ^____________^

And now, I even have internet back at home! I worked for four years in a McDonald's and it really rankled me that I had to go to one again at least once a week to go on internet ^^;;; But now, it's history. I'm home, I'm looking at the mountains through my window, I've got a huge balcony, I even have furnitures! XDDD AND, what's important, I want to write again!!

I'm thinking to going back to [livejournal.com profile] tamingthemuse, now that I'm settled. And I want to finish writing Shades of Grey. I've got lots of ideas for this fic, I just need to get back on track. And to find my notebook... Now that I think about it, I'm not sure where I put it when I emptied the boxes... ^^;;;

LJ cut, because I don't want to spam you too much ^^. Here are a few photos of my new area/region: )


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