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Tomorrow I'm going to Geneva, I can't wait!
I wanted to go last week-end, but it ended raining, so I just stayed home and read ^_~ (plus, I hadn't managed to get up early enough XDDD)

But this time, I WILL get up at eight.
I hope.

Anyway, I spent the evening browsing the web about the city and the country and the money and... Pretty much everything I hope!
This will be my first time out of France on my own, I'm kind of scared ^^ But I decided I was going as a tourist for the day, with no worries nor specific destination, so I'm just gonna relax and enjoy myself.

I'll post a few photos and comments tomorrow or maybe Sunday about the whole trip, if anybody is interested ^__^

On another note, I've been going through the entries for the Snarry Mixed Games 2009. And once again, there are some awesome stories! I've only read/watched the first 15 days/30 entries yet and so far my favorites are:

¤ The Bed You Made by Meri
Harry is cursed. And when it's all over, he's left to deal with the aftermath. He gets some help from an unlikely source.
It's sad and it made me so mad at everybody, but I really loved how Snape was the only one really seeing Harry and not the Boy Who Lived. And the whole plot/idea was really, really interesting. But well, I've always loved pretty much all the stories written by Meri, and once again, I wasn't disappointed ;p

¤ Finding Peace by Mimiheart
It takes a great hero to defeat the Dark Lord. Sometimes it takes a greater one to face oneself.
So very hot and I discovered that I love crossdressing ^.~ And of course, I'm a sucker for stories with mentor/student relationship and Harry being this needy little thing... mmmm... ^^

¤ Connecting the Dotty by I Got Tired of Waiting
A gentle tale of growing old together.
Another author that is pretty much a garanty for great reading. And again, she did something wonderful! It's sad and poignant and just so real. She made them come alive and I fell in love with this pairing all over again. It's not hot and sweaty and primal, it's sweet and for life, and when all is said, it's the best kind ^___^

That said, have a nice week-end everyone! ^_______^


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