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and I hate myself. I mean, those last 9 months I pretty much didn't do anything but procrastinate and give people false hope about Guide's new chapters.

During October and November 2009, I had more or less found a rythme, I managed to get myself to write on a semi-regular basis, but in November, Nanowrimo happened and I forced myself to write to make it to the deadline. I did managed it, but I wrote absolute crap and gave up on my current stories to get that one ready for the 30th. Then, in December, I learned that I was to give up my current job and move once back to my parents' home, then to Paris, then back to my parents' home, then finally in Haute-Savoie, on the other side of France.
All that in about four months.

So I can forgive myself for not writing from January to April, and even in December, as life was totally erratic and I spent more time in the train and car that anything else. Even May was more about finally settling myself in my new home and buying new furnitures and learning a new job, but since then? Nothing. I glanced once or twice at Guide, managed to force myself to translate another page or two of my original French version of the story (which translation is utter crap by the way) and spend more time reading and re-reading fics than anything else.

But! I want to write.
It all amount to this now, I want to write. So I'm going to write shorter chapters, so I don't get overwhelmed by all the work they need (you wouldn't believe how long it take to beta-read and correct/rewrite chapters of 8000 words).

Hopefully, I'll get somewhere soon (and won't make the same mistake of forcing myself to write with Nanowrimo. Or at least, not to write on an entire new idea).

That being said, I still need a beta-reader for Guide's new chapters. My usual beta, Jameva, is getting more and more busy so I'm not sure she'll be able to help this time. Would anybody agree to help me get this fanfic back on tracks?


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