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Yes, it's that time of the year again. And of course, I haven't written a word this year, but I'm totally going to churn out (hopefully) 50 k in two months' time.

(though I've been thinking of starting a training month in Octobre at 25 k)

The only thing that doesn't make this sentence horrible is that I don't write to publish, I write for fun ;D Meaning, I mostly use the nano time to meet other people with the same interest and to get some help to motivate myself to abandon the current fic I'm reading so I can write my own.

Anyway, nano. Who's doing it this year? In which fandom/literary genre?

The recurrent question during the nano time is: which writing tools do you use/what do you use for your planning?

For me, it was Scrivener at a time, but I use my desktop computer, my laptop, my tablet AND my phone, depending on where I am/where I'm going/what time it is. Obviously, a "static" software wasn't exactly easy to work with. These days, it's Google Drive for editor, since I can access it from any support and it works like Word, basically, and Evernote to backup the files / save all my notes on each projects (and info about each fandom, writing tips, links to various websites, ...)

Focus Writer is very nice too, if you need a fullscreen writer with customizable background and an editor of text a bit more complex than Q10.

I also save a link to interesting pages in Evernote, because I use both Firefox and Chrome on my desktop, only Chrome on the laptop and Dolphin on the phone/tablet, so it's not easy to sync my bookmarks without updating manually everything. That way, I know that I only have the link on hand, even if I only have my phone. Basically, I have an Evernote note with a list of links with explanation next to them (aka, I copy/pasted parts of it below xD )

Grammar, vocab, tools:

 Synonym.com: synonyms / antonyms

 Thesaurus.com: synonyms, antonyms, related words

 One Look: reverse dico

 dico.isc.cnrs.fr: synonyms


 Hemingway: sentences checker

 Virtual Writing Tutor: grammar check

 Ginger: grammar check

 Pacemaker: schedule your writing/make plans for a period


 Workflowy: to do list / outlines

 WordCounter: ranks most frequently used words

 Wordle: make word cloud

Music wise:

YouTube/Spotify/various (mostly jazz) radios, or

Youtube Fire: Fire Crackling: An hour long recording of fire crackling.

Youtube Busy: Library music/sounds

Sound Sleeping: For creating custom relaxed sound mixes

Rainy Mood: The sounds of rain.

August Ambience: The sounds of summer nights.

Forest Mood: The sounds of the woodlands.

Soundrown: A collection of different sounds including coffee shop, waves, white noise, etc.

iSerenity: A collection including typewriters to sprinklers, white noise and ambient sounds.

SimplyNoise: A collection specializing in color sound essentially white noise that goes in different octaves. White is highest, pink in the middle, and brown the lowest.

NatureSoundPlayer: A collection including thunderstorms, rivers, frogs, and crickets.

Coffitivity: For those really into the sound of coffee shops also allows you to play your own music with the coffee shop loop.

MyNoise.net: machine noises

Ambient Mixer: HP sounds

Ambient Mixer: Slytherin common room

Ambient Mixer: Studying at Hogwarts
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That cultural shock from hell when you try to be as open minded as possible and your last colleague was relatively open minded

And then you get to your new job and hear

"whoa, you're wearing a sweatshirt with a color for faggot today!" (Spoken to another male colleague)

I was so stunned that I didn't say anything for several minutes. I was waiting for the "ahah, it was a joke" (which would have already been seriously gross)

Except it wasn't one.


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"Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you."

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