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Welcome! Have a look at the maze's map

Where to:
@ Tumblr, where I reblog misc stuff
@ Dreamwidth (and it's mirror, Livejournal), where I blog about stuff
@ Pinboard, where I bookmark all the fics I read
@ Goodreads, where I bookmark the books I read (or want to)
@ Nanowrimo, in which I participate every year, even if I don't always do much
@ AO3, where I read my fics in 99 % of cases and also where my fics are (note: I bookmark every single fic I read, so I know what has been checked already. If you want recs, head there or at Pinboard)

♣ Misc links:
the FFVII kink meme over at LJ
the tags page summary

Hey :D
I'm 'Anyssia' about every where on fandom websites, so it won't be too difficult to find me. I started out on LJ, then migrated on DW/crosspostLJ after one too many Strikethrough. Eventually, I followed everyone on Tumblr, but recently, I've been wanting to come back. Tumblr is all well and good to share masses amount of random stuff, but community wise, it's terrible. We've pretty much lost all sense of why and who and fandom friendship, and wank is proliferating at a truly horrendous rate. So, back to the source :) At worse, I'll crosspost \o/