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This year, I'm writing a Teen Wolf fanfiction for Nanowrimo (2015) and determined to see it to the end. Because, so far in over a decade of writing numerous bits here and there, and then publishing a few of them while keeping most of it lost in various folders, I haven't managed to finish a single long story.

I have a long Final Fantasy VII story started back in 2006 (in French even, and then translated in English, and then written straight in English because there so few French readers). Many people asked for it to be continued, but I'd need to start over because -2006!- and I need to rewrite the outline.

That's my main problem, you know: if I don't outline, I get lost, I wander, I go nowhere. If I write one, I lose interest, once the story is fleshed out on paper. So I've been trying another way: I write a part and outline in a sentence the next part. I write that part and outline the next and etc... We'll see how it goes.

As I said, a Teen Wolf fic, because I have an unhealthy obsession with Stiles Stilinski and Peter Hale. I love stories of revenge and those two have a damn lot of potential with revenge. So far, it's been going as usual: meaning, I've already restarted the story twice. And this morning, I've been thinking of starting it over again.

My usual problem is that I explain too much. I spend too much time on thoughts and not nearly enough on actions. I'm 10k in and so far Stiles has gone shopping then somehow visited Deucalion's lair and eat cookies. Or muffins, I don't even remember. Exciting, isn't it? I mean, he basically took 3'000 words to get out of the kitchen.

I feel kinda pathetic. I've recently moved near Lille, France, and thought, since it's such a big city/conurbation, there's bound to be many people participating to Nanowrimo. And yes, many of them introduced themselves. And then one of the 'ancient' explained that they met for write in every Saturday and I was like... 'whut??? Once a week?? That's it? But, why???' The forum itself is mainly unused and I don't like forums anyway, soooo. I met two people via the facebook page for the Nanowrimo-ers living in the North of France and we met three or four times a week so far, so it's been good anyway, even if the forum and facebook are relatively dead, I mostly communicate via twitter as a result. We do write-in of three, or two. Which is nice enough. Less difficult to find free space anyway. But I didn't make friends like I'd hope I'd do. I see Nanowrimo as a time to meet people with like minded interests and this time it has been quite a let down. If it stays this way, I might move to Lyon in a few years. At least, there I know that there are many people participating and animating this month. I had hope to find people that I could continue to meet up during the rest of the year, but...

What's not helping is that while I laboriously manage 2'000 words a day, the two I've met manage to produce 6'000 words easily. I'm barely staying on top of the minimum word requirement per day, which means about 17k by today, and one has reached 45k, meaning to do 50k today, while the other is at 39k. And I don't know if it's the depression that's been plaguing me for weeks talking, but I feel like I annoy them and am a burden. I haven't seen them in two days and I don't want to ask to meet again, because I don't know if it's really always me who only ask to meet, or if they were really busy. One has not been to a write in since last Friday or Saturday and it makes me wonder if I don't bother them. I know I talk too much, but I don't seem to be able to stop, even though I hate myself a little afterward.

Meanwhile, I want to start over for the third time. So, I have the words, but as usual, I probably won't have a finished story but will rather end up with bits and pieces that will be stored in Google Docs and never used again.

Well, I started this entry, thinking I'd talk about my numerous plot change, and here I'm complaining. Well, let's say it helped me write half my required word count already.

So, regarding the plot! I wanted to make a steter fic, but with the ship being merely background. What I really want is to write about Stiles being a magical geek and reading everything he can get his hands on. And since Derek is a jerk jock in this world (set between season 2 and 3) and won't let in the human, Stiles finds himself set aside. Which is how he meets Deucalion, who takes a shine to the lonely little spark and gleefully set to make Stiles badass to rub it into Derek's face what a moron he is.

The first draft was Stiles going to Peter for information and eventually Peter dragging in Deucalion for more stuff and learning some interesting truth about how the Alpha power is passed down. The second was Stiles unexpectedly meeting Deucalion and getting dragged to his loft when Duke realized that there was an untrained spark available to fuck with Derek's lack of common sense, and Stiles learning the truth about how Laura took the Alpha power from Peter (you see a pattern, no?).

The one I thought of this morning was because of a book I bought yesterday and started today in a fit of total procrastination: Crocodile on the Sandbank. I'm not so sure about the plot itself yet, but I'm only at 26 % and it's a 19 books long series, so I have time, but the main character and her friend is a delightfully feminist female, who isn't afraid to tell men to mind their own business and let her do her thing as she wishes.

It made me want this too. I want to read a girl!Stiles story in which she's badass and strong and nerdy and Peter can't help but fall in love with her because competency is a wonderful kink. So, obviously, yet another re-write. With hopefully more action and less describing of the muffins...


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