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So, turn out that my recurring months of 'hibernation' actually have an explanation. I had a blood test last week which revealed several vitamin deficiencies and probably a problem with my thyroid gland. Which wouldn't be too surprising, since my aunt has to take pills to keep hers into submission.

Anyway, not much change recently. I discovered an addiction to James Bond: Skyfall (Q/Ben Whishaw is to die for. Seriously, that hair ♥.♥ I just want to grab him by the hair and... well ;p ). Apart from that, I'm still reading tons of BBC Sherlock and Avengers fanfictions.

Went to see the last Marvel too, Captain America: the Winter Soldier. The movie was impressive, that I have to give them. I certainly didn't anticipate this plot twist (I always avoid any spoilers/trailers beforehand). Still, I'm a bit disappointed because, if we want to be honest, it mostly didn't concern the Winter Soldier. He was just a catalyst. Well, not like that was a surprise. I very much doubted that they would really make it about him, for some reason. However, a third CA centered on Steve reconciling with Bucky would certainly be appreciated.

Another pet peeve of mine: there are not nearly enough crossovers between the movies. I doubt that everything would have happened at SHIELD without Tony getting wind of a thing or two. Bet he'd have poked his nose (or JARVIS') in there a long time ago, or at least, right at the start of this clusterfuck.

Which remind me, I still need to watch the Agents of SHIELD episodes! Seriously, I only watched the first five and there at, what, 17? But I really hate watching movies/series by myself, so I keep putting it off, which means I have to be careful on the web, since I don't want spoilers and, well, ... I could make my life easier, really.

About my writing... Well, I haven't done much. Didn't even finish my Nanowrimo last year (30k words out of 50). If I wrote 3'000 words since the start of the year... On the other hand, I started writing a promising Harry Potter fanfiction, sometimes at the end of 2013, which is almost 13'000 words already. Now, if only I could push myself to write again. I don't know what's the problem, I never feel like doing anything.

Speaking of writing, I've been feeling the need to write a 007: Skyfall shortfic for a while, but I've no idea what about. Suggestion? (knowing that I love fanfics which include the character of Alec Trevelyan, even though he's not in Skyfall and is even supposed to be dead ;) )
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Well, there goes another... How long was I away from fandom? wow, last post from August 4 O.o

Anyway, lots of things happened these past months.

First, I've been wanting to move from my flat since May and finally found a new one at the end of August. It was all very messy and rushed, as I had barely two weeks to prepare and just the one weekend to actually do the moving part (and you wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find people who were available to help me >_<).
Fortunately, everything was done and the previous flat all cleaned up by the end of September, so I didn't have to pay for another month. I was beginning to fear that I would have to pay for October, because of a few day. But, it's all good. We did the inventory of fixtures (if that's the right words) and everything was ok, meaning that I got my deposit back! I celebrated by buying books xD

That said, I still took a few breaks. I lured a friend into having a few movie-a-thon with me :D We watched the six (pre-)Avengers films, the two Sherlock Holmes films and the four Die-Hard \o/ Hadn't watched so many films in years (actually, I'm more a two/three films per year kind of girl. So it's pretty extraordinary).

Of course, because of that I spent my September and a large part of October reading Avengers and Die-Hard fics, instead of doing anything else. Anyway, I had too much on my mind to write or do anything else like that. Hope that I can get back to my f-list, now that I'm settled again (though I need to move my furnitures again today, I don't like how it's arranged xD ).

In other news, I started reading books seriously again. Anyone on Goodreads too? I'm Anyssia over there too, of course.

I took out the boxes of books during the move and actually put them in the shelves (I had moved in 2010 and left the books in the boxes in the new attic, as I didn't have anywhere else to put them).
It was actually quite the surprise, when I saw what books I had. I remembered that I had sold most of them before moving in 2010 (1'000 km away, I didn't want to lug around a hundred books or more). What I hadn't remembered was that I had kept only those that I was in progress of reading or that I meant to read, or that I had been offered but hadn't read yet... You see the pattern.

The point being, I now have two dozens books on various subjects (classics, thrillers, adventure, ...) to read, without counting the four that a friend of mine lent me and the six others I bought this week (mostly Dan Brown's).

Oh, and there's Nanowrimo coming and I subscribe to the 2012 reading challenge over at Goodreads, meaning that I have to read 20 books by the end of the year. November is out, obviously, thanks to the Nano, so I have one month and a half to read 14 books. Knowing that I did 6 during September, while being swamped with the move, I'd say I can do it. What do you think? :D

my read shelf:
Anyssia's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
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Total word count for June: 32'815 words.
Total word count for 2012: 71'225 words (none of which were published xD )

• Complete/posted work:

• WIP:
Harry Potter - "Adult HP adopts baby HP, Time Travel": 13'449 words
Harry Potter - Mary Sue: 13'656 words (total for this story: 21'945 words)
The Social Network - bad ass mother fucker!Eduardo, Harvard era: 1'796 words
BBC Sherlock - BAMF!John: 127 words
BBC Sherlock - Papa!Mycroft: 1'363 words
BBC Sherlock - Prompt 'heatwave': 266 words
OrigiFic - The boy she wants to own: 2'158 words

A lot of random plots. I was participating in the 2012 June Camp Nanowrimo, which is basically the same thing as the original November Nanowrimo, meaning 50'000 words a month. Didn't make it to the end and I didn't manage to stick to one story and see it to the end, but I still had a good time. Spent a lot of time procrastinating on Twitter and the french IRC Nanowrimo channel, talking with other participants and friends. It was a fun time :)

One of the lovely people there mentioned a new writing challenge that just took off today. It's over there, at (there's a Twitter and Facebook page too, easier to stay up to date than the wordpress website)
Here's what they say about it:
52 Shades of Short Stories (52SSS) is a friendly challenge to see if it is possible to make a living by writing and publishing a short (1000 à 6000+ words) story every week. Join us!

Starting July 2012, I’m going to try and write one short story per week, for as long as I can make it, and I’m inviting you to do the challenge too!

I don't intend to professionally publish anything, as I write fanfictions, but the idea of writing a short story a week is a nice one. I'm hoping that it'll help me get used to write regularly and finish one damn story sometimes. Because, seriously, I've written 71k this year already but I haven't published a word of it! O.o

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Total word count for April: 12'770 words.
Total word count for 2012: 28'970 words (none of which were published xD )

• Complete/posted work:

• WIP:
3 The Social Network ficlets that probably won't ever be published (4'800 words in February 2012)
1 Independent!Harry fic in progress (see previous post for more details) (6'700 words in January + 11'450 words in April)
1 BBC Sherlock in March (4'700 words). Will maybe finish this one, as it's almost done (it's a '5 times' fic)
1 Harry Potter Mary-Sue fic for my own pleasure. Probably won't be published either (1'320 words in April)
Currently, the main fic I'm working on is the independent!Harry. I have 18'000 words pending beta-reading. I'll start publishing it when [ profile] lucime will have more time to look it over :)

And a teaser from the independent!Harry fic (for which I really need to find a title xD ):Read more... )

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The (kind of annoying) automatic result to reading Sleeps With Coyotes' fanfics, is that I now want to take out my PlayStation 2 and play Kingdom Hearts again (and that reminds me that I still haven't finished the second game). Thankfully the PlayStation and the TV are in the attic, and I hate those stairs.

So, on one hand, I have TSN fanfics waiting for me and several TSN plot ideas mocking me and calling me to write them.

On the other hand, Kingdom Hearts. And Riku. And Cloud. And SEPHIROTH ♥.♥

#WayTooManyThingsToDo ^^

(also, a crossover TSN/KH? PRICELESS!)

(re-also, I need a KH icon. Know of any?) Spent a few hours collecting KH icons today ^^ I found a lovely shadow heartless one ;)
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Was (re-re-re-re-re-...)reading Sleeps With Coyotes' That Follow the Sea (sidestory to Astray, a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Kindgdom Hearts fanfiction featuring Sephiroth in his most badassery and Riku finding Zack and the other lost SOLDIERs and bringing them back to Sephiroth (they followed me on the way back, can we keep them?)).

Riku and his lost SOLDIERs hop from world to world, to join Sephiroth back on Gaia, because the SOLDIERs were booted away very far indeed.
That Follow the Sea is a sidestory, in which instead of needing 30k to narrate how they hopped on this world and that one, Sleeps With Coyotes went crazy and created a whole mini-series of Pirate!Riku against the evilHeartless Kraken.


So yeah, bottom line, Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME \o/

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There is no The Social Network category at


(I was looking, because I found one TSN/SGA fic over at AO3 and thought there might be more at FFnet, but THERE ISN'T EVEN A TSN CATEGORY AT FFnet! I still can't believe it O.o)
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So, because I want to be able to close all those tabs I opened on my Firefox ;p and because I like to keep track of what I said/where I went those last days, here is a summary.

02/03/2012 (Thursday): via [ profile] casey_sms's Twitter account, I learned that an article had been published on the 2nd, about the The Social Network fandom and the slash fanfics. It's at Gawker, Dvice and NBC Bay Area (the last two being the same articles, copy/pasted).
I suppose that this article follows the renew interest of the public in Facebook, because of the IPO.

The article mentions the movie briefly, The Social Network, then goes on talking about how we write homoerotic fanfictions featuring Mark Zuckerberg. Then it quote a few fanfics, publishing authors names, link and summary. (links to the community [ profile] mark_eduardo, AO3 and private journals). The fanfics used as reference are all crack/humor fanfics and/or unusual pairings.
My main point of contention with the articles at Dvice/NBC: they feature several large photographies of the real Mark Zuckerberg to illustrate the fics (I don't know for you, but when I write/read TSN fanfics, MZ really isn't the one I have in mind: it's Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, in their roles of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin).

I discovered the articles very early the day after, around 6.00 am and I couldn't stop myself from trying to get the facts straight. The comment is a bit rambling and unstructured, mostly because I wasn't completely awake yet ;p

Under cut, you'll find a copy of that comment. Read more... )

Following that, a post was added to the community [ profile] mark_eduardo @LJ, announcing that the community would now friend-lock the posts and asking the users if they agreed that this precaution was enough to protect our privacy.

The post is now 100+ comments long, so I will spare you the whole thing. The idea is that a lot of authors got spooked by being shoved under the spotlights that way, and deleted their fics or locked everything under f-lock.

I posted various answers to those with concerns (links under this paragraph), my opinion being that there is no real need to panic because we aren't the first fandom to be outed (HP, SPN, ...) and anyway, it wasn't even the first article written about the TSN fandom (right after the movie came out, I remember at least one being published somewhere).
As I said,
there's no need to delude ourselves: I'm pretty sure MZ, ES, JE and AG knew all about this. They probably knew it would happen before the movie came out, and if they didn't, they certainly know by now.

The nature of Internet will make than in two weeks everybody will have forgotten about it. So, yeah, I really couldn't care less and wouldn't have commented on it if I hadn't seen people panic. ;p
(comments here, here, here and here)

Now, for those who are definitively uneasy now to keep their fics up on the web, I would suggested [ profile] economic's advice: you can lock fic on AO3 so that it will only display to users who are logged in. You can also orphan fic, which leaves the fic on the site but removes your account's attachment to it, which is a useful feature I've considered in the past to keep fic up whilst severing my identity from it.

Of course, following the articles, Twitter, LJ and Tumblr got a good work-out in terms of comments and posts with various opinions/questions.
What happened next rekindled the anger of fandom, because it took us that much more in the spotlights:
a girl, over at Tumblr, send an e-mail to someone she thought had written the article (it turned out that she hadn't even caught the right guy).
I'll ask not to send her flame messages, as it won't help and she's only getting on her high horse and threatening to send more e-mails if we didn't leave her in peace. I don't agree with what she did or what she said, but it's over and done with and we can't exactly do anything more about it.
I think what angered the fandom the worst, was that the girl isn't even part of our fandom. She just stumbled over the article and decided that her opinion was needed. So yeah, I can understand that people reacted angrily toward her. It doesn't mean that we have to continue this Wank war!

That said, it doesn't mean that I'm on her side, at all. Frankly, to be very honest, that girl sounds like a bitch who is annoyed because she has been spammed with angry comments after sticking her nose where she doesn't belong. So I won't pity us and she probably deserve it a bit.

The e-mail she sent
The guy's answer
My own comment to the guy's post (also found under cut, under this paragraph)

Read more... )

So far, that's it. I'll remind you once more that I haven't written this to rekindle the flames of Fandom Wank, but to keep track of what happened.


Pretty please with a cherry on top ^^

One good thing that happened because of all of this is: fanfiction!
Someone wrote an hilarious piece of fiction about Mark Zuckerberg and his reaction to the Gawker article. I love it and it feels good to read something making fun of that article, for once ^^
(This is Not Real Life) Life is Stranger Than Fiction

(also, long post is long O.O)
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This was so totally cute, I think I melted. Or at least, I went from "awwww" to "mwahahahah" to *sighs*. Felt good to read such a nice story after that bunch of dark-fics today ;p

Title: Sleeping Arrangements
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: John, Ronon, Teyla, Rodney, Ford.
Categories: gen, fluff
Length: Short (~2'500 words)

Author: [personal profile] sholio

Summary: For the prompt: Turns out both Ronon and Rodney are rampant sleep-cuddlers when off world. John and Teyla make them bunk together so they can cuddle each other. Ronon and Rodney are both totally okay with this.
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I'm not usually that big a fan of genderswitch, but this story was sweet and funny and still felt like John and Rodney.

Or at least, a plausible Rodney with a cute girl in command and a plausible girl!John becoming the commanding officer of a bunch of guys/marines/civilians.

(also, semi-sentient!Atlantis \O/)

Title: Story of a Girl
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: John(Joan)/Rodney, Ronon, Teyla, Carson, Elisabeth, Lorne, Radek, ...
Categories: AU, genderswitch, fluff, het sex.
Length: Long (~14,000 words)

Author on LJ: [ profile] seperis

Summary: When Joanna Sheppard was six years old, she stepped into the cockpit of her very first plane and told her parents that she wanted to fly.

"Women don't go into combat," Major Sheppard said with a frown, eyes flickering to his wife, leaning casually against the seat.

Captain Sheppard just grinned and reached down, guiding her daughter's hands. "Joan will fly planes that haven't been invented yet." Leaning down, her mother's voice hummed low and gentle against her ear. "All you have to do is want it."