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I'm weak. I'm terribly weak to all Nanowrimo things. I had sworn I wouldn't participate this year, and guess what I'm doing?

Anyway, it's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer plot that had been going through my mind for a while now. I even wrote a one-shot about it, Shades of Grey, a couple of years ago. So, at least I know more or less what's going to happen.

I probably won't make it to the end, because I have a busy month, but I did manage to crank out 6'000 words yesterday in the train \o/ ^^

So, word count as of 2011-11-06:

That said, I procrastinated today by re-(re-re-re-re-)reading Ciceqi's FFVII/KH Mirrorverse and various other stories that I already know by heart, and I change my LJ layout (again). I don't think I'll ever find a layout that pleases me for LJ... It now works, except for one entry title that I can't seem to manage to change the color.

SOLVED! Took me a few hours to realize what was the problem (visited links turned the same color as the background ^^;;) and I needed to ask for some help over at [ profile] s2smoothsailing because I don't know much about CSS, but I did it!

Took me some time because I initially thought that the problem was Firefox since Chrome displayed the page alright (which was normal, since I hadn't clicked on any link xD ) and then I wondered if it didn't come from the DW crosspost thingy. I was only when I realized that Chrome had potentially the same problem that I got a EUREKA! moment ^^

It's incredible how many things can go wrong in CSS, which doesn't help at all when you don't even know what's your problem (and now I need to get in less than 5 hours, urgh T_T I'm like a dog with a bone, when something doesn't work right away, I should have gone to bed hours ago).
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... and I know I'm like, super late seeing this, but really, I laughed like a loon, so for those who didn't know it, here you go, and for the others, well, it bears watching a second time ;p
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Title: Slayer VS Potentials

Author: Anyssia
Fandom/Spoilers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, set during the 7th season.
Character/Pairing: Buffy
Genre: angst
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
Status: one-shot, 535 words, unbeta’ed.
Rating: some violence, PG 13

Summary: Buffy came up with the idea of sharing her power with the Potentials.

Misc: [ profile] tamingthemuse's Prompt #222 – Methodical Thinking.
Crossposted: FFnet, Taming The Muse

One-shot )

I wrote three drafts (two for Harry Potter, 1 BtVS) and none of them pleased me. So I just went with this one, since I didn't want to miss TTM's deadline. But really, I know that it's... "blah".

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Oh my God, I'm back on the 'net!! O.O

Since the beginning of the year, I moved 4 times, travelled about 3 500 km with my car (2 200 miles), spent more than 30 h bored to death in trains and went back to 'school' for two months.

All this so I could get a new job and move on the other side of France! ^^;;

But now I'm settled! Well, for a few months at least (I'm going back to see my family for the holidays in august: another 2000 km for me, yeah ^_~).
So, I've got this new appart, new car (well, I got it last October, but really, it's not that far ^^), new job, in a new town, with a new landscape! There are mountains every where and when I arrived, in April, there was even some snow left over!! ^____________^

And now, I even have internet back at home! I worked for four years in a McDonald's and it really rankled me that I had to go to one again at least once a week to go on internet ^^;;; But now, it's history. I'm home, I'm looking at the mountains through my window, I've got a huge balcony, I even have furnitures! XDDD AND, what's important, I want to write again!!

I'm thinking to going back to [ profile] tamingthemuse, now that I'm settled. And I want to finish writing Shades of Grey. I've got lots of ideas for this fic, I just need to get back on track. And to find my notebook... Now that I think about it, I'm not sure where I put it when I emptied the boxes... ^^;;;

LJ cut, because I don't want to spam you too much ^^. Here are a few photos of my new area/region: )
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Just realized that I forgot to add disclaimers to my fics >_>

Well, let's say that I did a general one that can be found here: ^^

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters, nor any universes/background stories (except maybe for my fanfics' plots ^^;;). The content of this site is solely for entertainment purposes, no copyright infringement is intended and I don't make any money with these texts.
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Title: Compassion

Author: [ profile] anyssia
Fandom: BtVS, set during the beginning of the season 4.
Prompt: Prompt 177 ‘Courage’, [ profile] tamingthemuse (LJ)
Pairing: pre-slash Spike/Xander
Warnings: no sex/violence, beta’ed by [ profile] laazikaat
Rating: PG
Status: 700 words, two-shot, 12/10/2009

Summary: There are different forms of courage.

Read more... )

Notes: Laazikaat says I should write a sequel/second chapter. What do you think? ;-)
(In fact, I might just write it, if only to thanks Laazikaat for her help! She’s been beta’ing my fics for a couple of months now and I can’t tell her how much grateful I am! ^__^)
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I won't have Shades of Grey's chapter 2 and 3 ready before the [ profile] tamingthemuse's prompt of this week, so I'm writing a short story (500 wds) that I'll post before Saturday to not miss a week.
About Shades, I worked some on the chapter 2 today, but more timeline/plot wise. I'm beginning to wonder if I won't have to re-write all the chapter...

For those that are waiting for Guide's new chapter, I'm sorry, but it will have to wait another or two weeks. My beta already sent me back a new proofread version of the chapter 3, but I won't have time to look at it for a moment, as I need to catch up with [ profile] tamingthemuse's fics that I wrote but didn't have time to beta, thanks to NaNoWriMo ^^;;
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And now I remember why I hadn't posted Shades of Grey 2 right away: gosh, my timeline is all messed up >_<
(and yes, I was trying to get this chapter ready today before leaving for work, but finally I spent my time scribbling in my fic notebook, adding dates to my BtVS key episodes summaries ^^;;)

If anybody is interested, I found one here:
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Fandom: # Buffy: the Vampire Slayer #

please, notice me if any link is dead :)

as of May 15, 2011 )

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as of April 15, 2012, I'm currently writing these fics/in these fandoms:

# Harry Potter #

• An "independent Harry". Currently at 6'700 words 13'000 words, as of 04/25/2012. (I really, really like that one. But it has the potential to be huge monster of a fic, so I won't be publishing it before a long time, just to be on the safe side of WIP VS Finished ;p )

# BBC Sherlock #

• A "5 times" fanfic. Currently at 4'600 words.

# The Social Network #

• 2 ficlets that will probably go in the scraps/unused folder.

# Final Fantasy VII #

Guide WIP
"Nibelheim's reactor is due for a check-up and sixteen years old Cloud is hired to take the coming soldiers up the mountain."
--> Chapter 6: published
--> Chapter 7: in beta process
--> Chapter 8: to be beta'ed

• A Nanaki/Cloud PWP
For the [ profile] ffvii_kink_meme prompt: May. 4th, 2009 11:18 am (UTC), Nanaki(Red XIII)/Cloud, Bestiality.
I'm maybe a thousand words from finishing it, then it needs to be reviewed intensively before being sent to my beta-reader.

# Buffy the Vampire Slayer #

• A Nanowrimo novel
Sort of rewriting of Shades of Grey, a previous one-shot of mine in which Xander discovered that one didn't need to be a demon to be evil and is now dealing with the fall-out of coming back from Oxnard.