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Yes, it's that time of the year again. And of course, I haven't written a word this year, but I'm totally going to churn out (hopefully) 50 k in two months' time.

(though I've been thinking of starting a training month in Octobre at 25 k)

The only thing that doesn't make this sentence horrible is that I don't write to publish, I write for fun ;D Meaning, I mostly use the nano time to meet other people with the same interest and to get some help to motivate myself to abandon the current fic I'm reading so I can write my own.

Anyway, nano. Who's doing it this year? In which fandom/literary genre?

The recurrent question during the nano time is: which writing tools do you use/what do you use for your planning?

For me, it was Scrivener at a time, but I use my desktop computer, my laptop, my tablet AND my phone, depending on where I am/where I'm going/what time it is. Obviously, a "static" software wasn't exactly easy to work with. These days, it's Google Drive for editor, since I can access it from any support and it works like Word, basically, and Evernote to backup the files / save all my notes on each projects (and info about each fandom, writing tips, links to various websites, ...)

Focus Writer is very nice too, if you need a fullscreen writer with customizable background and an editor of text a bit more complex than Q10.

I also save a link to interesting pages in Evernote, because I use both Firefox and Chrome on my desktop, only Chrome on the laptop and Dolphin on the phone/tablet, so it's not easy to sync my bookmarks without updating manually everything. That way, I know that I only have the link on hand, even if I only have my phone. Basically, I have an Evernote note with a list of links with explanation next to them (aka, I copy/pasted parts of it below xD )

Grammar, vocab, tools: synonyms / antonyms synonyms, antonyms, related words

 One Look: reverse dico synonyms


 Hemingway: sentences checker

 Virtual Writing Tutor: grammar check

 Ginger: grammar check

 Pacemaker: schedule your writing/make plans for a period


 Workflowy: to do list / outlines

 WordCounter: ranks most frequently used words

 Wordle: make word cloud

Music wise:

YouTube/Spotify/various (mostly jazz) radios, or

Youtube Fire: Fire Crackling: An hour long recording of fire crackling.

Youtube Busy: Library music/sounds

Sound Sleeping: For creating custom relaxed sound mixes

Rainy Mood: The sounds of rain.

August Ambience: The sounds of summer nights.

Forest Mood: The sounds of the woodlands.

Soundrown: A collection of different sounds including coffee shop, waves, white noise, etc.

iSerenity: A collection including typewriters to sprinklers, white noise and ambient sounds.

SimplyNoise: A collection specializing in color sound essentially white noise that goes in different octaves. White is highest, pink in the middle, and brown the lowest.

NatureSoundPlayer: A collection including thunderstorms, rivers, frogs, and crickets.

Coffitivity: For those really into the sound of coffee shops also allows you to play your own music with the coffee shop loop. machine noises

Ambient Mixer: HP sounds

Ambient Mixer: Slytherin common room

Ambient Mixer: Studying at Hogwarts
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So. I've suddenly decided today that my old system of 'ell-organized folders + winamp' wasn't enough anymore for me to listen to my music. Whatever.

Except that I only know of iTunes as media library (is that the right name?) and I don't like that software/don't want to get tied up with Apple, especially as I only own PCs.

So, people, what do you use to organize/listen to your music?
Any good alternatives to iTunes for PCs?
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You know what's the worst thing with moving? It's all the stuff you 'lose' from one place to the other. Yesterday I had a lovely surprise, because I finally found my jewels \o/ I had 'lost' most of them during the move last September (meaning, I didn't put them all in the same box and got some in one place and the rest... well, at the time, I had no idea xD ).

Anyway. So, I found my jewels (and seriously, untangling necklaces is a b****, really) and decided that I really needed a place to keep them, because until now I just stuffed them in a little box which wasn't exactly my most brilliant idea ;) Plus, that way it was such a mess that I didn't put them on, since it was so annoying to separate everything every time...

Thankfully, we've got Google ;) I found a few different DIY Jewellery holders, but the one I preferred was this one: Wooden clothes hangers + Repurposed = Jewelry Organization!

So I tried my hand at it today. Which is kind of a small miracle, as DIY stuff and me just don't mix usually. It didn't take too much time, as I don't have that many jewels anyway, so I just needed the one hanger for what was left, after I had sorted the stuff to keep and what was damaged/discoloured. I'm kind of proud of how it came out (as in, wow, I actually built something useful/well done), even if it's not extraordinary ;)
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And the results: \o/
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Well, it's been one hell of a while since I last checked my LJ's inbox and my friend page! Months, at least. I don't think I'm going to bother going back in time too much, or I'll be swamped with posts to read. Also, I don't know for you, but commenting on a post that's been updated weeks ago makes me feel lame and awkward ^^;;;

Anyway, not much new. I've been using Evernote a lot since last year, and without even realising it, I went over 1'000 notes added to my account O.o I really love this website/software.

I use it for everything: keeping track of potential purchases, my shopping list, notifications from softwares I installed, various computer infos, articles, things that caught my eyes (the last in line was a list of London Underground maps ^^;; ), and lately, I added all the notes I took for various fandoms.

It kind of blew my mind, to see all the fandom information I had scattered all around my computer. I had never managed to find one perfect place to keep them all, so there were some in Scrivener, Page Four, saved html pages, Excel, ...

Anyway, now it's all in Evernote, in separated folders. All things told, I have about 500 different notes worth of information. Everything from character pages, timelines, quotes, transcripts. And that just for 4 fandoms (BtVS, FFVII, HP and BBC SH). I did half of the work yesterday, without paying attention to how much I was doing, and seeing the numbers now, I'm in awe. 500 notes worth of fandom infos! O.O

So now, everything's in the same place, Evernote will sync everything between my computers and smartphone, I can have every data at my fingertips if I want to write anywhere at all. That's pretty sweet.

Speaking of writing, I've started a short Hana-Kimi fic because I watched the drama again with a friend last week-end. It's going to be a short piece (or at least, I thought that it should be) and so far I've written 2'800 words worth of it. The first words of 2013 too! :D Feels good to be writing again.

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Well, that was fun— not. ^^;;;

This afternoon, I was supposed to be working on editing my fanfiction, Guide. Well, I did open Scrivener, if it counts ^^;;;

I did many things today, included geeking out over Pinboard with [personal profile] ainyre and [ profile] lucime, hoarding BBC Sherlock recs thanks to [personal profile] ainyre too, loading the 'Keep calm and put the kettle on' userpic everywhere, from my AO3 account, to the late account, and mainly, CHANGE MY DREAMWIDTH LAYOUT ONCE AGAIN! xD

So, yeah, I really spent my day adapting the 221B Baker Street wallpaper layout made by [ profile] fuesch for Livejournal to Dreamwidth.
I don't know much about CSS, except what I can reproduce from a model and I only have basic knowledge of HTML. That's why I didn't make the layout from scratch.
Instead, I used a Abstractia layout by [personal profile] chiming which has the huge advantage of enabling transparency for modules/entries background, which allows us to admire the truly beautiful Sherlock wallpaper all the time.

Most of it was easy enough to tweak. I just had to browse through the code from the layout I use on LJ to find the colours' codes and links to the various images used. What really threw me was the header (aka, this part reading: "...:::Anyssia:::..., Reading, Writing,...").
For some reason, I just couldn't change the header's font colour nor put a background under it. The text still isn't as clear as I'd like it (I wanted to use the beige colour like for the general text), but it's the best I can do.
Eventually (after trying and refreshing the damn page god-knows-how-many-time), I finally broke down and used some CSS to add a background so that the text was readable. It still isn't perfect, but that's the best I can do and it's past midnight, so screw the HTML and CSS ;D (and my grasp on the English language is slipping too with the hour).

Anyway, my point is, I did not make that layout, I just adapted from [ profile] fuesch's layout. If you check my DW journal [personal profile] anyssia versus my LJ mirror/backup [ profile] anyssia, you'll see that the original layout is much more lovely and as a more 'finished' feeling to it. But, this is the best I can do, and I'm still pretty happy with it :D

(also, this has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the post, but after listening to British radios for weeks, it's really, really weird to listen to French radios tonight O.o )

EDIT: 2012-07-22
I adapted the LJ layout using another DW style: Modular by [personal profile] branchandroot.
It looks much smoother and prettier. Also, it's easier to read/less harsh on the eyes. With all that, I've learnt a lot about CSS, so it wasn't such a waste of time ;)

RE-EDIT: same day
I also adapted a Dreamwidth profile layout to match the journal layout. I haaaaate tables ^^;;; Give me CSS any day.

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Brilliant posts! Humorous and fun enough that the length doesn't matter. It's very informative and useful for us non-British people who write in the BBC Sherlock fandom and such.
Also, I'm a passionate tea drinker, but apparently I'm definitively not the British kind. I like my tea in loose leaves and with special/exotic flavours :D So it was really interesting to discover that the British idea of tea tends more toward the regular Assam tea bags than loose leaves Chai tea ;)

A Guide to Writing Sherlockian-Tea Habits

We don’t actually all drink tea.
Yes, I know that this is shocking. The normal righteous tea-drinking folk all agree it’s terrible as well. But there are a few poor, deluded people who claim they don’t like the taste, or that they don’t like hot drinks at all, or who have chosen to live their life sticking two fingers up at the establishment by deliberately refusing all offers of tea even though they know in their hearts that it is a Holy and God-given beverage that sustains life and tastes bloody lovely. The rest of us (and we’re in the majority – 66% of the population of the UK drink tea every day) generally shun all these non-tea-drinking people and look upon them with a mixture of pity and disgust. Mostly disgust.

A Guide to Writing Sherlockian-Biscuit Habits

Biscuits vs Cookies
Let’s get this straight US readers – you can call trousers “pants”, pavements “sidewalks” and bottoms “fannies” *cue involuntary giggles from British readers* all you like amongst other Americans, but if you are trying to use British-English vocab in your British-set fandom fics then you need to know the difference between biscuits and cookies.
You lot think biscuits are little floury bread roll-like things and, as I understand it, slather creamy gravy over them with “grits” and bizarre-looking sausage and other strange Southern US breakfast items. We don’t.

by Enigmatic Penguin (of death)

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Since 2009 (and maybe even before that, I don't remember), I've started saving a copy of each fic I read. I also bookmark them, 1st on Delicious and now on Pinboard.

The result is that I have 1,4 Go of html files (text only) saved on my computer and about 2'800 fanfics bookmarked. (which is, you know, completely mind-boggling. I went O.O when I saw the numbers).

This morning, I woke up thinking about Calibre. Here is the official description:
Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories:
Library Management
E-book conversion
Syncing to e-book reader devices
Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
Comprehensive e-book viewer
Content server for online access to your book collection

Basically, it allows you to keep all your eBooks in one place and organize/tag them. I haven't really used it yet, because it doesn't work well with Dropbox and if I take the time to tag all my eBooks, I want to be able to open the damn software on both of my computers and get the same data everywhere. But I think there's a way around this. I still need to check it out correctly.
Never mind that, I tried again and this time there was no trouble using Calibre on both my laptops with the same libraries thanks to Dropbox. Either the owner updated the app to make it work or I did something wrong the first time I tried it (I'm thinking the second. I wonder if I hadn't forgotten to let Dropbox sync the libraries between both computers, before trying to use it... That would be totally me xD)

(by the way, if you don't use Calibre, do you know of another software that can be 'shared' on several computers?)

The point of this post is:

I've been toying with the idea of converting all my text files fics in eBook format, so that I can have a local backup of my bookmarks/tags/annotations, in case I don't have Internet and can't connect to Pinboard.
Plus, it would have the advantage of cleaning up my fics folder.

Also, the idea of having a 'real' fanfiction library is making me grin like the huge geek that I am. Seriously, I'm hopeless.

The thing is, I don't know much about eBooks and I don't have an eBook reader, so I can't compare.

AO3 has four downloads available: MOBI, EPUB, PDF (and HTML).

Obviously, I want to use one of these formats, because it will make things so much easier for me.

Help, please *chibbi eyes*

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So, I've just spent my whole day backing-up my laptop on my external hard-drive and copy/pasting all my softwares parameters in Evernote.

Thank God for Evernote, by the way!
I've just began re-using it, and it has much, much improved since the first time I discovered it, years ago and didn't find it all that useful. There are so many ways it can be of use! (and it syncs between my notebook (see below) and my laptop, which is ♥)

Plus, I just bought myself a Sony Vaio notebook, because my laptop (a HP Pavillion) is way, way too large and heavy to take with me outside for an afternoon and sit at a table outside a café.
I'm so fed up of being cooped up in my apartment, this notebook is going to be my life-saver! (and it's much more powerful than I had thought! O.O ). By the way, the sync function that is available on a lot of softwares now? I'm in love! It has made getting the Vaio ready for everyday use so much easier!
So, my laptop is Nibelheim (and the session, Sephiroth), my external hard-drive is Hogwarts (because it a huge, 2 To thing ^^) and the Vaio has been christened 221B Baker Street. Of course, the session is Sherlock Holmes! \o/ xD ♥
(No, I'm not obsessed, at all! ;D )

Anyway, the point of this random post? As I said, I spent my whole day saving my laptop and getting screenshots of everything I could think of. The system restore/reboot is in progress, 76% currently, AND I JUST REALIZED THAT I FORGOT TO SAVE MY FIREFOX TABS! T_T

Somebody shoot me. I had, like, 60 tabs opened in various Firefox tab groups, which is why the Firefox tabs are the only thing that I didn't sync with the Vaio: it would have bogged down the notebook.

Ah, well, it's too late for that one. I'm mostly upset, because I lost the Sherlock recs I had opened, but I've been reading [personal profile] snakeling's recs for a while now, so I know where to find the main rec list.

Ah, restore done! I'm going back to the laptop: now I need to re-install all the softwares... O.O HEEEEELP ;)

EDIT: I also forgot to save my Sunbird organizer datas too... -_- Well, it couldn't be perfect...
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Last year, I said I wouldn't be doing Nanowrimo again.

So, of course, guess what I'm doing again this year? ^^;;

Alright, to be honest, I don't think I'll write those 50'000 words in November. I'm mostly going to use the occasion to make new friends and hear about old ones :) Also, I'll be at my parent's for two weeks, so I doubt that I'll write a lot during that time. Anyway, if I do write, I'll try to write about Guide.

I discovered, while re-arranging my notes/chapters/files in progress, that I have currently written 38'500 words for Guide, 17'400 of which have been published in chapter 1 to 6 ^^ Which means people that I have already written the equivalent of another 4 or 5 chapters. But I still need to read, re-read, re-re-read them and then get in the usual back-and-forth ballet with [ profile] lucime, my beta-reader, to get it publishable ;p So, it won't be for a while yet.

On another note, I fell in love with Scrivener all over again. When I write fanfictions, I always get worried that I have all my facts/canon right, so I have lots of bookmarks and web pages saved all over the computer with timelines, datas about characters, synopsis of episodes, ... and notebooks also. Lots of notebooks. I had also some information on various softwares.
You can imagine how easy it was to gather those infos ^^;;

Scrivener helps me with all that. It has something like three main folders: the draft one, in which you write your story/scenes/chapters and that you can organize in folders howerver you want, the research part, in which you can organize PDFs, images, sounds, web pages, ... and the trash bin ;p
I've been re-organizing all my files/notes for Guide and I can't tell you how much it helps to have everything I need in one window, instead of all over the place.

Still, I use about 4 softwares when I write:

1st - PageFour
Scrivener is great for organizing lengths of texts and such, but for one liner plot bunnies, I prefer PageFour. It has folders too, aka one FFVII folder, one for BtVS, one for HP, ... and in those I write down every plot bunny that bugs me.

2nd - Q10
This one is for the writing process itself. It's a full-screen, portable application (meaning, I can use the program from my USB key on every computers). You can tweak the colors of the background, the width/height of the writing space (meaning, if I want to see about 2 inches of text on three lines, I can customize it the way I want) and a few other things. Basically, you get a blank page with or without word count and clock and that's it. Then, you write. (without distractions, which is great ;p )

3rd - Scrivener
In which I copy/paste the text I wrote in Q10 and organize it and edit it. I can see the whole text in one long page, or just the chapters, or the cockboard, with card which helps me see where I'm going in the story. It has a full-screen feature too, but I prefer Q10 because I can take it everywhere with me.

4th and final - Microsoft Word
Because my beta-reader has the software, so we can go back and forth with *.docx files and liberally use highlighters and red font. Also useful to prettify your final version.
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So, Pinboard user-scripts.

Some of them are very useful, others are just beauty accessories ;p

Here is a list:
(last updated: 10/08/2011, 6:39 pm (UTC +01:00, Paris) )

list )