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That cultural shock from hell when you try to be as open minded as possible and your last colleague was relatively open minded

And then you get to your new job and hear

"whoa, you're wearing a sweatshirt with a color for faggot today!" (Spoken to another male colleague)

I was so stunned that I didn't say anything for several minutes. I was waiting for the "ahah, it was a joke" (which would have already been seriously gross)

Except it wasn't one.
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I just saw a post about a white cosplayer making themselves as Garnet (which is a black character) and I don't really understand why people went 'omg, blackface, blackface!'

It's a cosplay, the point is to play characters that you love, even if they are black skinned, lizard skinned, red and black skinned, blue skinned...

That they scream blackface about fashion models or shows or movies or even real life 'helping', okay, I'm all with you. I saw an article about model being painted rather than getting actual black people and I find that disgusting.

But cosplaying? That's the whole point, being someone you aren't. Black people cosplay white characters too, black people cosplay asian characters, asian people cosplay caucasian characters, you cosplay a character because you love it, regardless of skin tone.

If we could only cosplay characters from our own ethnicity, there should be a warning.

And asking someone to off themselves is just beyond the pale.
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Well, f*** you very much, FFnet.

So, apparently, FFnet has decided that my most recent fanfiction, 'Harry Potter and the Gift of Legilimency', violates the rule of : "Not the property of uploading writer. Please note we do not allow users to post lyrics to songs they did not write."

Well, seeing as I did not write a Song Fic (I abhor song fics!), I'm not sure what is their problem. Especially as the only property I violated is that of J.K. Rowling, just like 600'000 other fanfictions.

Anyway... I'm going to try and get things straight with FFnet, but I know they're kind of stubborn about things like that (read: rarely reply to complaints), so don't hold your breath.

In the mean time, you can find that same fanfiction on AO3 at

By the way, the second chapter should be up within a couple of days, as I just need to re-read it again.
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So, I've just spent my whole day backing-up my laptop on my external hard-drive and copy/pasting all my softwares parameters in Evernote.

Thank God for Evernote, by the way!
I've just began re-using it, and it has much, much improved since the first time I discovered it, years ago and didn't find it all that useful. There are so many ways it can be of use! (and it syncs between my notebook (see below) and my laptop, which is ♥)

Plus, I just bought myself a Sony Vaio notebook, because my laptop (a HP Pavillion) is way, way too large and heavy to take with me outside for an afternoon and sit at a table outside a café.
I'm so fed up of being cooped up in my apartment, this notebook is going to be my life-saver! (and it's much more powerful than I had thought! O.O ). By the way, the sync function that is available on a lot of softwares now? I'm in love! It has made getting the Vaio ready for everyday use so much easier!
So, my laptop is Nibelheim (and the session, Sephiroth), my external hard-drive is Hogwarts (because it a huge, 2 To thing ^^) and the Vaio has been christened 221B Baker Street. Of course, the session is Sherlock Holmes! \o/ xD ♥
(No, I'm not obsessed, at all! ;D )

Anyway, the point of this random post? As I said, I spent my whole day saving my laptop and getting screenshots of everything I could think of. The system restore/reboot is in progress, 76% currently, AND I JUST REALIZED THAT I FORGOT TO SAVE MY FIREFOX TABS! T_T

Somebody shoot me. I had, like, 60 tabs opened in various Firefox tab groups, which is why the Firefox tabs are the only thing that I didn't sync with the Vaio: it would have bogged down the notebook.

Ah, well, it's too late for that one. I'm mostly upset, because I lost the Sherlock recs I had opened, but I've been reading [personal profile] snakeling's recs for a while now, so I know where to find the main rec list.

Ah, restore done! I'm going back to the laptop: now I need to re-install all the softwares... O.O HEEEEELP ;)

EDIT: I also forgot to save my Sunbird organizer datas too... -_- Well, it couldn't be perfect...
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Can somebody tell to macho men
- who feel the need to prove their manliness to everyone and their grandma,
- and to bully others/force their beliefs down people's throat/insult less "manly" men,
that this(they) IS NOT ATTRACTIVE!

I am not going to swoon if you show off your biceps by bashing the closest wiry man
nor will I be proud of you if you "help" this other guy who prefers pink and fruity drinks to see the light by holding him down and getting him drunk on beer.

Geeks can be as sexy as badass motherfuckers and the amount of muscles you have cultivated on your body will never make up for your empty head and your small-minded/petty personality.

Insulting people is not a turn on.
Lying is not a turn on.
Bullying is most definitively not a turn on.
Do not feel threaten if another man prefers pink to blue. It's not a virus/illness/dangerous/... You won't catch it. No need to beat the "man" into your son/brother/friend/random neighbor.

Diversity. Say it after me: diversity. As in, not everybody as to be like you. As in, you are not the best thing that happened to the world. As in, don't push your insecurities on others.
Thank you very much.
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[Hum... How did this entry turn into a pityfest?? I just wanted to point out that most TV families don't reflect the reality, not my pathetic, desperate need for a friend...]
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Well, we knew that LJ was heading toward a more social/Facebook future, and I guess that this lastest news post has confirmed it.
It began with the official announcement of LJ Media, a new online publishing group created to find active and interesting LiveJournal communities that desire to grow, and then help transform them into media sites.

I don't really care about that, since I've moved to Dreamwidth already. But there are a lot of communities/people who are still at LJ and it scares me a bit.
The fact that they took out the subject line was already a blow for kink meme communities, but I guess that it's just a beginning. There was also the integration of Twitter and Facebook to LJ.
If they want to turn more pro/news journal/visible to the public, I don't think that fandom will appreciate it much.
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There is no The Social Network category at


(I was looking, because I found one TSN/SGA fic over at AO3 and thought there might be more at FFnet, but THERE ISN'T EVEN A TSN CATEGORY AT FFnet! I still can't believe it O.o)
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So, because I want to be able to close all those tabs I opened on my Firefox ;p and because I like to keep track of what I said/where I went those last days, here is a summary.

02/03/2012 (Thursday): via [ profile] casey_sms's Twitter account, I learned that an article had been published on the 2nd, about the The Social Network fandom and the slash fanfics. It's at Gawker, Dvice and NBC Bay Area (the last two being the same articles, copy/pasted).
I suppose that this article follows the renew interest of the public in Facebook, because of the IPO.

The article mentions the movie briefly, The Social Network, then goes on talking about how we write homoerotic fanfictions featuring Mark Zuckerberg. Then it quote a few fanfics, publishing authors names, link and summary. (links to the community [ profile] mark_eduardo, AO3 and private journals). The fanfics used as reference are all crack/humor fanfics and/or unusual pairings.
My main point of contention with the articles at Dvice/NBC: they feature several large photographies of the real Mark Zuckerberg to illustrate the fics (I don't know for you, but when I write/read TSN fanfics, MZ really isn't the one I have in mind: it's Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, in their roles of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin).

I discovered the articles very early the day after, around 6.00 am and I couldn't stop myself from trying to get the facts straight. The comment is a bit rambling and unstructured, mostly because I wasn't completely awake yet ;p

Under cut, you'll find a copy of that comment. Read more... )

Following that, a post was added to the community [ profile] mark_eduardo @LJ, announcing that the community would now friend-lock the posts and asking the users if they agreed that this precaution was enough to protect our privacy.

The post is now 100+ comments long, so I will spare you the whole thing. The idea is that a lot of authors got spooked by being shoved under the spotlights that way, and deleted their fics or locked everything under f-lock.

I posted various answers to those with concerns (links under this paragraph), my opinion being that there is no real need to panic because we aren't the first fandom to be outed (HP, SPN, ...) and anyway, it wasn't even the first article written about the TSN fandom (right after the movie came out, I remember at least one being published somewhere).
As I said,
there's no need to delude ourselves: I'm pretty sure MZ, ES, JE and AG knew all about this. They probably knew it would happen before the movie came out, and if they didn't, they certainly know by now.

The nature of Internet will make than in two weeks everybody will have forgotten about it. So, yeah, I really couldn't care less and wouldn't have commented on it if I hadn't seen people panic. ;p
(comments here, here, here and here)

Now, for those who are definitively uneasy now to keep their fics up on the web, I would suggested [ profile] economic's advice: you can lock fic on AO3 so that it will only display to users who are logged in. You can also orphan fic, which leaves the fic on the site but removes your account's attachment to it, which is a useful feature I've considered in the past to keep fic up whilst severing my identity from it.

Of course, following the articles, Twitter, LJ and Tumblr got a good work-out in terms of comments and posts with various opinions/questions.
What happened next rekindled the anger of fandom, because it took us that much more in the spotlights:
a girl, over at Tumblr, send an e-mail to someone she thought had written the article (it turned out that she hadn't even caught the right guy).
I'll ask not to send her flame messages, as it won't help and she's only getting on her high horse and threatening to send more e-mails if we didn't leave her in peace. I don't agree with what she did or what she said, but it's over and done with and we can't exactly do anything more about it.
I think what angered the fandom the worst, was that the girl isn't even part of our fandom. She just stumbled over the article and decided that her opinion was needed. So yeah, I can understand that people reacted angrily toward her. It doesn't mean that we have to continue this Wank war!

That said, it doesn't mean that I'm on her side, at all. Frankly, to be very honest, that girl sounds like a bitch who is annoyed because she has been spammed with angry comments after sticking her nose where she doesn't belong. So I won't pity us and she probably deserve it a bit.

The e-mail she sent
The guy's answer
My own comment to the guy's post (also found under cut, under this paragraph)

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So far, that's it. I'll remind you once more that I haven't written this to rekindle the flames of Fandom Wank, but to keep track of what happened.


Pretty please with a cherry on top ^^

One good thing that happened because of all of this is: fanfiction!
Someone wrote an hilarious piece of fiction about Mark Zuckerberg and his reaction to the Gawker article. I love it and it feels good to read something making fun of that article, for once ^^
(This is Not Real Life) Life is Stranger Than Fiction

(also, long post is long O.O)
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Sometimes, I wish people would say what they actually want to say, instead of pussy footing around for days and getting in a snit later, when they don't get what they wanted.