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This year, I'm writing a Teen Wolf fanfiction for Nanowrimo (2015) and determined to see it to the end. Because, so far in over a decade of writing numerous bits here and there, and then publishing a few of them while keeping most of it lost in various folders, I haven't managed to finish a single long story.

I have a long Final Fantasy VII story started back in 2006 (in French even, and then translated in English, and then written straight in English because there so few French readers). Many people asked for it to be continued, but I'd need to start over because -2006!- and I need to rewrite the outline.

That's my main problem, you know: if I don't outline, I get lost, I wander, I go nowhere. If I write one, I lose interest, once the story is fleshed out on paper. So I've been trying another way: I write a part and outline in a sentence the next part. I write that part and outline the next and etc... We'll see how it goes.

As I said, a Teen Wolf fic, because I have an unhealthy obsession with Stiles Stilinski and Peter Hale. I love stories of revenge and those two have a damn lot of potential with revenge. So far, it's been going as usual: meaning, I've already restarted the story twice. And this morning, I've been thinking of starting it over again.

My usual problem is that I explain too much. I spend too much time on thoughts and not nearly enough on actions. I'm 10k in and so far Stiles has gone shopping then somehow visited Deucalion's lair and eat cookies. Or muffins, I don't even remember. Exciting, isn't it? I mean, he basically took 3'000 words to get out of the kitchen.

I feel kinda pathetic. I've recently moved near Lille, France, and thought, since it's such a big city/conurbation, there's bound to be many people participating to Nanowrimo. And yes, many of them introduced themselves. And then one of the 'ancient' explained that they met for write in every Saturday and I was like... 'whut??? Once a week?? That's it? But, why???' The forum itself is mainly unused and I don't like forums anyway, soooo. I met two people via the facebook page for the Nanowrimo-ers living in the North of France and we met three or four times a week so far, so it's been good anyway, even if the forum and facebook are relatively dead, I mostly communicate via twitter as a result. We do write-in of three, or two. Which is nice enough. Less difficult to find free space anyway. But I didn't make friends like I'd hope I'd do. I see Nanowrimo as a time to meet people with like minded interests and this time it has been quite a let down. If it stays this way, I might move to Lyon in a few years. At least, there I know that there are many people participating and animating this month. I had hope to find people that I could continue to meet up during the rest of the year, but...

What's not helping is that while I laboriously manage 2'000 words a day, the two I've met manage to produce 6'000 words easily. I'm barely staying on top of the minimum word requirement per day, which means about 17k by today, and one has reached 45k, meaning to do 50k today, while the other is at 39k. And I don't know if it's the depression that's been plaguing me for weeks talking, but I feel like I annoy them and am a burden. I haven't seen them in two days and I don't want to ask to meet again, because I don't know if it's really always me who only ask to meet, or if they were really busy. One has not been to a write in since last Friday or Saturday and it makes me wonder if I don't bother them. I know I talk too much, but I don't seem to be able to stop, even though I hate myself a little afterward.

Meanwhile, I want to start over for the third time. So, I have the words, but as usual, I probably won't have a finished story but will rather end up with bits and pieces that will be stored in Google Docs and never used again.

Well, I started this entry, thinking I'd talk about my numerous plot change, and here I'm complaining. Well, let's say it helped me write half my required word count already.

So, regarding the plot! I wanted to make a steter fic, but with the ship being merely background. What I really want is to write about Stiles being a magical geek and reading everything he can get his hands on. And since Derek is a jerk jock in this world (set between season 2 and 3) and won't let in the human, Stiles finds himself set aside. Which is how he meets Deucalion, who takes a shine to the lonely little spark and gleefully set to make Stiles badass to rub it into Derek's face what a moron he is.

The first draft was Stiles going to Peter for information and eventually Peter dragging in Deucalion for more stuff and learning some interesting truth about how the Alpha power is passed down. The second was Stiles unexpectedly meeting Deucalion and getting dragged to his loft when Duke realized that there was an untrained spark available to fuck with Derek's lack of common sense, and Stiles learning the truth about how Laura took the Alpha power from Peter (you see a pattern, no?).

The one I thought of this morning was because of a book I bought yesterday and started today in a fit of total procrastination: Crocodile on the Sandbank. I'm not so sure about the plot itself yet, but I'm only at 26 % and it's a 19 books long series, so I have time, but the main character and her friend is a delightfully feminist female, who isn't afraid to tell men to mind their own business and let her do her thing as she wishes.

It made me want this too. I want to read a girl!Stiles story in which she's badass and strong and nerdy and Peter can't help but fall in love with her because competency is a wonderful kink. So, obviously, yet another re-write. With hopefully more action and less describing of the muffins...
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so, my outline is five pages long, and I’ve gotten Cloud to Midgar. #GoodThingIt'sA50kNanowrimo

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I’ve never used so many “fucks” in an outline.

(also, it’s 10 pages long now)
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My 2015 nano has been titled “Rewriting SOLDIER years and CC with TakeNoShit!Cloud” XDDD

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I didn’t feel like staying at home today, nor taking the subway to Lille and deal with the Saturday crowds, so I decided to go check out my city’s library.

Best idea ever.

Seriously, this place is awesome! (fun fact, it’s called the Grand-Plage, aka Big Beach xD Special name for a library). The library card is free (at least, for those who live in Roubaix), it has wifi (fortunately), many tables everywhere, a patio, numerous outlets, three floors (+ ground floor), clean, simple decoration/layout (I love their ceiling lights), a coffee shop!, computers for those who need it, a very nice gentleman at the entrance who explained everything and guided me through the place, and it’s open from 9 am to 7 pm from Tuesday to Saturday! \o/

Me thinks I’ve found my place for november/nanowrimo xD At least, when I’m not at writing meets. I don’t know if there are many people around here participating. Well, it’s Lille, there should be enough for a small group, at least, I expect.

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I’ve finally started working on my nano story. It’ll be a FFVII one, set during the SOLDIER are/before Crisis Core. I’ll be fucking up with ages and personalities. That’s about all I’ve determined yet xD Still don’t know what the actual plot will be xDDD

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Yes, it's that time of the year again. And of course, I haven't written a word this year, but I'm totally going to churn out (hopefully) 50 k in two months' time.

(though I've been thinking of starting a training month in Octobre at 25 k)

The only thing that doesn't make this sentence horrible is that I don't write to publish, I write for fun ;D Meaning, I mostly use the nano time to meet other people with the same interest and to get some help to motivate myself to abandon the current fic I'm reading so I can write my own.

Anyway, nano. Who's doing it this year? In which fandom/literary genre?

The recurrent question during the nano time is: which writing tools do you use/what do you use for your planning?

For me, it was Scrivener at a time, but I use my desktop computer, my laptop, my tablet AND my phone, depending on where I am/where I'm going/what time it is. Obviously, a "static" software wasn't exactly easy to work with. These days, it's Google Drive for editor, since I can access it from any support and it works like Word, basically, and Evernote to backup the files / save all my notes on each projects (and info about each fandom, writing tips, links to various websites, ...)

Focus Writer is very nice too, if you need a fullscreen writer with customizable background and an editor of text a bit more complex than Q10.

I also save a link to interesting pages in Evernote, because I use both Firefox and Chrome on my desktop, only Chrome on the laptop and Dolphin on the phone/tablet, so it's not easy to sync my bookmarks without updating manually everything. That way, I know that I only have the link on hand, even if I only have my phone. Basically, I have an Evernote note with a list of links with explanation next to them (aka, I copy/pasted parts of it below xD )

Grammar, vocab, tools: synonyms / antonyms synonyms, antonyms, related words

 One Look: reverse dico synonyms


 Hemingway: sentences checker

 Virtual Writing Tutor: grammar check

 Ginger: grammar check

 Pacemaker: schedule your writing/make plans for a period


 Workflowy: to do list / outlines

 WordCounter: ranks most frequently used words

 Wordle: make word cloud

Music wise:

YouTube/Spotify/various (mostly jazz) radios, or

Youtube Fire: Fire Crackling: An hour long recording of fire crackling.

Youtube Busy: Library music/sounds

Sound Sleeping: For creating custom relaxed sound mixes

Rainy Mood: The sounds of rain.

August Ambience: The sounds of summer nights.

Forest Mood: The sounds of the woodlands.

Soundrown: A collection of different sounds including coffee shop, waves, white noise, etc.

iSerenity: A collection including typewriters to sprinklers, white noise and ambient sounds.

SimplyNoise: A collection specializing in color sound essentially white noise that goes in different octaves. White is highest, pink in the middle, and brown the lowest.

NatureSoundPlayer: A collection including thunderstorms, rivers, frogs, and crickets.

Coffitivity: For those really into the sound of coffee shops also allows you to play your own music with the coffee shop loop. machine noises

Ambient Mixer: HP sounds

Ambient Mixer: Slytherin common room

Ambient Mixer: Studying at Hogwarts
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Hi! This is a plot idea that's been bugging me for a while now. Well, actually it's several plot-bunnies combined in one. I started it while participating to Nanowrimo 2013, when I was stuck with my other novel and the idea has expanded until we got this.

I'll warn you though, it's not beta-read!


Summary: Harry has a very unusual gift: he is a natural Legilimens. Unsurprisingly, the ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of his relatives -and others- led to him having a very different childhood and very different personality...

Another take on the first book/year.

No pairings yet, not stupid!Harry, probably gray-ish!Harry, un-beta-ed,

Chapter 1: Of School Supplies and Wands or @ArchiveOfOurOwn

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I did it! No, seriously, I really did :)
What I'm talking about, of course, is Nanowrimo. I think I mentioned it, at the beginning of the month. So yeah, this year I've been working on it, again (it was my fourth Nano. Feels like much more, actually). Last year, I didn't finish, because I had to go visit my family half way through and writing there was simply horrible. Too many distractions, too much noise...

Anyway, I definitively was hoping that this year it would work out in the end, and it did! I went to Lyon almost every week-end (3h by train, just to get there, urgh) and it really, really helped (me to spend my money). I had met last year the friend who put up with me this month, when I needed a place to stay/sleep over the week-ends. We didn't know each other much, so I was surprised that it worked out so well. We realised that we had so many things in common and I was, like, yeah for a new friend! \o/

So, yeah, friend, nano, meetings, it certainly helped the moral. We met on Skype on week-days and challenged each other. The great thing was, there was pretty much always one of us motivated, which kind of pushed the other to buckle up and write.

Still, we got to the 29th and I was like 'omg, I'm 15'000 words late! @_@ '
And I really was 15k late. Didn't think I'd see the end, but I wanted to at least try. We wrote 3k on Thursday and, thankfully, we were both free on Friday to have a marathon writing. We started at 9 am and I finished at 11:30 pm, but I did my god-damned 12k in one day! I was so exhausted yesterday night, my fingers and back hurt, I felt like my head was going to either burst or leak out of my ears xD
(My friend discovered around 10 pm that she had miscounted her words and was actually 7k ahead. She was soooo annoyed, since she'd been working her ass off to meet the word count by the end of the day, knowing that she had 3k more than me to write).

Bottom-line, I wrote 50'029 words this month :) Next year, I'll try to write 50k of one story, though ^^;;;
I tried, I really did. I started with an original story (apocalyptic, ecological fable, sort of), which lasted 18'000 words, until I was ready to chuck it out of the window. The story was bland, with way too much narrative and not nearly enough dialogues. I got bored writing my own story, which made me re-think the whole thing ^^;;; I tried to force myself, because I did want to finish one story (for once. You wouldn't believe how many bits and pieces of fanfictions I have on my hard drive, none of them anywhere near finished). I gave up on the eleventh, too annoyed with my work. I was already starting to slow down in my writing.

From there, BBC Sherlock! I had an idea or two, which spawned two beginnings of fanfics for another 15k, without much more success. I don't like what I write, because it feels bland and with too much 'telling' and not enough 'showing'. Sort of.
(of course, I also got distracted by Assassin's Creed I halfway through the month, which really didn't help the wordcount xD ).

My saving grace was Keira Marcos' fanfics. I starting reading her SGA stories again (for the umpteenth time) and realised that this was what I wanted to write/read. An action-packed, emotions-filled story, that you started to read and couldn't stop yourself, that you re-read so many times, waiting impatiently for the next part. I tried to pay attention to the way she wrote, but I always lose myself in the story, five minutes later, so it was actually really hard to remember to check out how she turned her sentences, paragraphs, started her chapters, ...
Anyway, that's what I did. Of course, reading SGA fanfictions didn't help me to write my SH ones one bit ^^;;; and I started yet another story. This time, it was a SGA/FFVII crossover, which was meant to be a short story to push me out of my funk and ended up lasting 17k and being nowhere near finished. I hope I'll manage to push myself to work on it again (but not right now, after 12k written yesterday, I'm kind of burned out. And afraid to re-read the last 3 or 5k, because I know that it must be some pretty scary reading, if I even can manage to understand what the heck I meant...).

All this to say, I am a Nanowrimo 2012 winner ;)

Tis post was brought to you by [personal profile] anyssia, trying to keep up with the '750 words a day' challenge aka, I didn't write enough during November, so I started another challenge, aka, now that I've started writing again, it'd be nice if I could make an habit of it :)
(which reminds me, I also have four books left to read for my Goodreads challenge, until the end of the year...)
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Well, there goes another... How long was I away from fandom? wow, last post from August 4 O.o

Anyway, lots of things happened these past months.

First, I've been wanting to move from my flat since May and finally found a new one at the end of August. It was all very messy and rushed, as I had barely two weeks to prepare and just the one weekend to actually do the moving part (and you wouldn't believe how difficult it was to find people who were available to help me >_<).
Fortunately, everything was done and the previous flat all cleaned up by the end of September, so I didn't have to pay for another month. I was beginning to fear that I would have to pay for October, because of a few day. But, it's all good. We did the inventory of fixtures (if that's the right words) and everything was ok, meaning that I got my deposit back! I celebrated by buying books xD

That said, I still took a few breaks. I lured a friend into having a few movie-a-thon with me :D We watched the six (pre-)Avengers films, the two Sherlock Holmes films and the four Die-Hard \o/ Hadn't watched so many films in years (actually, I'm more a two/three films per year kind of girl. So it's pretty extraordinary).

Of course, because of that I spent my September and a large part of October reading Avengers and Die-Hard fics, instead of doing anything else. Anyway, I had too much on my mind to write or do anything else like that. Hope that I can get back to my f-list, now that I'm settled again (though I need to move my furnitures again today, I don't like how it's arranged xD ).

In other news, I started reading books seriously again. Anyone on Goodreads too? I'm Anyssia over there too, of course.

I took out the boxes of books during the move and actually put them in the shelves (I had moved in 2010 and left the books in the boxes in the new attic, as I didn't have anywhere else to put them).
It was actually quite the surprise, when I saw what books I had. I remembered that I had sold most of them before moving in 2010 (1'000 km away, I didn't want to lug around a hundred books or more). What I hadn't remembered was that I had kept only those that I was in progress of reading or that I meant to read, or that I had been offered but hadn't read yet... You see the pattern.

The point being, I now have two dozens books on various subjects (classics, thrillers, adventure, ...) to read, without counting the four that a friend of mine lent me and the six others I bought this week (mostly Dan Brown's).

Oh, and there's Nanowrimo coming and I subscribe to the 2012 reading challenge over at Goodreads, meaning that I have to read 20 books by the end of the year. November is out, obviously, thanks to the Nano, so I have one month and a half to read 14 books. Knowing that I did 6 during September, while being swamped with the move, I'd say I can do it. What do you think? :D

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