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Chapter 3! \o/ Took me a while to get it mostly right, but here it finally is :)

Harry Potter and the Gift of Legilimency

Summary: Harry has a very unusual gift: he is a natural Legilimens. Unsurprisingly, the ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of his relatives -and others- led to him having a very different childhood and very different personality...

Chapter 3: Of Sortings and Gawkers
@FFnet or @AO3

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Well, I've modified a few things and reposted my story on FFnet, let's hope that they won't take it down again...

In the mean time, chapter 2! \o/

Harry Potter and the Gift of Legilimency

Summary: Harry has a very unusual gift: he is a natural Legilimens. Unsurprisingly, the ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of his relatives -and others- led to him having a very different childhood and very different personality...

Chapter 2: Of Trains and Castles
@FFnet or @AO3

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Hi! This is a plot idea that's been bugging me for a while now. Well, actually it's several plot-bunnies combined in one. I started it while participating to Nanowrimo 2013, when I was stuck with my other novel and the idea has expanded until we got this.

I'll warn you though, it's not beta-read!


Summary: Harry has a very unusual gift: he is a natural Legilimens. Unsurprisingly, the ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of his relatives -and others- led to him having a very different childhood and very different personality...

Another take on the first book/year.

No pairings yet, not stupid!Harry, probably gray-ish!Harry, un-beta-ed,

Chapter 1: Of School Supplies and Wands or @ArchiveOfOurOwn

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Still writing titbits here and there :D

The thing about Sephiroth is, he isn't evil. He isn't harsh and cold and standoffish or whatever they like to call him. He just doesn't know how to relate with people. He knows laboratories and lab assistants, knows which guards to avoid and how to slide under Hojo's radar when the man is heading into one of his mad rant about things nobody understand. What Sephiroth doesn't get is this: friendship, mutual help, study groups, females, amongst many others. For a long time, he doesn't understand grass, trees, ocean or sky, either.

Then, Hojo's more or less forced to hand over his perfect weapon, so that ShinRa can get the goddamn war that's growing with Wutai, settled quickly to show its mastery. And Sephiroth is suddenly thrown in the land of barracks, barely grown up teenagers, sweat and laughter and chaos, far for the off white, mako green and blood red -literally- of the labs.

For a time, Sephiroth flounders. Nothing's prepared him to this new form of bedlam. He doesn't know when people are joking and when they are being serious. He doesn't understand for a long time that the other soldiers aren't just pretending not to understand, to exasperate theirs teachers; they actually don't learn a new concept within seconds, like he does. He trains and eats and studies and sleeps, and watches the others complain that they don't have enough time or that the teachers are pushing them too hard and they can't keep up. It takes him an embarrassingly full week to realize that the other can't keep up with him because they're too busy having social lives. He's bewildered by any concept of girlfriend, going out or just hanging around. He can't see the point or the appeal. Especially as he has no one to hang out with.

It didn't take long to the other soldiers to push him away. At first, they might have tried to pull him in their circles, but since he hadn't understood their signals and street lingo, they had labeled him as haughty. They probably felt that he thought himself too good for them, when he simply couldn't make head or tail of their behavior.

By the time Sephiroth becomes the General of ShinRa, it's pretty well known that he has no friends -except maybe for the other two commanders, Hewley and Rhapsodos- and that he doesn't want any.

Of course, everybody's wrong about this. Not that he would ever try to change their minds. Even years after leaving the labs, he still can't interpret people's reactions, if it's not in a war/strategy setting.


"Did you actually frighten off another secretary, again?"

Genesis marches into Sephiroth's office as if he owns it, like always. Sephiroth's given up trying to force him to knock, before barging in.

"I fail to see what I could have done to... frighten? a mere secretary. And what do you mean by "again"?" Sephiroth answers dryly, without raising his head from the paperwork he's working his way through. Sometimes, he wonders if the urban legend that paperwork breeds when ones back is turned, isn't actually true. Especially now, that he's secretary-less.

"Oh, come on. You can scare the pants off a war veteran with just that raised eyebrow of yours. Yes! That one!" Genesis flops into an armchair and points at Sephiroth with a glee-filled expression. "Civilians have no defense against your eyebrow of doom."

"My what, now?"

"Gaia help me, Sephiroth, you seriously needs to go out sometimes. And also, to keep up with modern culture." Genesis shakes his head with his usual flair. "I wonder how many pop culture references goes right over your head every day. Do you actually understand a word of Angeal's puppy's babble?"

Sephiroth hides a wince. He does have trouble deciphering Fair's rambling.

Genesis bursts out laughing. "By Gaia, right on the nail! I repeat, you need to get out sometimes. Why don't you come with Angeal and me this week-end, to watch the lastest super-hero movie?"

"I have..."

"Too much work, other commitments, no interest in going to the cinema, blah blah blah."

Genesis flaps his hand around in an odd gesture. Sephiroth has the fleeting impression that he should understand the movement It's not an unusual feeling.

"No matter. This time, you won't get out of this. If needed, I'll invoke to Lazard your need to wind down."

"And what makes you think that I need to..."

"Wind down, yes, it's an actual expression. People do use it." Genesis rolls his eyes. "And you do need to relax. That secretary of yours was ready to have a breakdown, before Lazard caved in and transferred her to Heidegger's department."

Work In Progress...
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So, I haven’t managed to motivate myself to write a word in months. But with Nanowrimo getting close, we met with those who will participate in my area and I finally found the will to put words in Evernote.

So, in order to force myself/keep myself going, I’ve decided to publish as I go, everything that I write. So, beware, it’s unbetaed, short and unfinished :D
Today is the beginning of a Final Fantasy VII fanfiction, in which Rufus and the Turks takes things Hojo in hands during the days before Crisis Core/when Angeal and Genesis are still Sephiroth’s Commanders.

Rufus slammed the report on his desk, holding back a growl of rage with difficulties. His father might have promoted him to the post of vice-president as a way to bribe him and keep him from making waves after the AVALANCHE incident, but it was more of a boon for him. Despite his cold demeanor and usual uncaring ways, a few of the Turks - Tseng, the first - had shown him that Rufus did matter for a few people. And now that he was in a position of power, Rufus was going to return the favor by making sure that said Turks were protected from within the company itself.

The files littering Rufus desk were proofs of his new-found resolution. The first step was to determine the risks and Rufus had barely started his project that he was already hitting a snag. Obviously, a lot of Turks’ deaths happened because of an assignation turned wrong or an act of rebellion or revenge from the slum people or ShinRa’s enemies. Despite the clear explanation, something had caught Rufus’ attention. He wasn’t sure what, but evidently, his instinct was good enough, as some of those deaths didn’t actually hold up to a more thorough investigation. His inquiries had brought up a few too many links leading back to the Science Department. Something was going on and when the Science Department was involved, nothing good ever came out of it.

A knock on the door brought Rufus’ attention back to the moment. He had to be careful with this investigation, as Hojo was a favorite of his father for an unknown reason. Of course, he would find out, one way or another, what hold Hojo had on ShinRa senior, as it was potentially an useful information. In the meantime, he needed to be cautious.

Rufus quickly stacked together the various incriminating files, putting on top a random report from the Weapon Department. “Enter!”

”Rufus.” Tseng glided in the room with his usual smooth walk, impassive as always. “You have been auditing the Turks.”

Of course, it was stupid to think that Rufus could get anything past him, especially an investigation on the Turks. “Yes.” There was nothing he could say. Denying was useless and potentially dangerous. Rufus had no other choice but to trust Tseng anyway. He wouldn’t survive in this company if he couldn’t count on Tseng to have his back. “Some things don’t add up. I’m surprised that you never followed up on some of those deaths.”

”You assume that I suspect fool play of some sort.”

”Of course you do. If I managed to find hints of fool play, you had to be aware of the problem. Why didn’t you act?” It was a valid question. The Turks were known for their strong sense of family and loyalty to each others and the company, and yet Tseng didn’t try to protect them?

”You know the answer already.”

There were few people who had enough power to stall the Turks. With the Science Department involved… Hojo.

Rufus frowned, barely stopping himself from baring his teeth. “And yet, you must have done something. I know you.” It was only because Tseng had almost raised him that Rufus caught the almost imperceptible twitch of uncertainty that the Turk couldn’t suppress.

”I have… gathered information,” was Tseng’s quiet answer.

What an innocuous word, ‘information’. But, wielded by a Turk, it took a very different meaning and importance.

”Information leading to whom?”

Tseng glared at Rufus who merely shrugged back. He knew that they couldn’t afford to voice their suspicions aloud. Still, he wished that Tseng would tell him that he was wrong and that Hojo hadn’t been disappearing Turks for a little over twenty years, without anyone being able to oppose him. Rufus felt like hiding under his bed from the monster and letting Tseng, who could do anything, deal with it. However, despite his skills and position as the Director of the Turks, Tseng hadn’t been able to protect his men. It said everything you need to know about Hojo’s reach.

Rufus pushed away from the desk and stood in front of the floor to ceiling window, gazing outside without really paying attention to the view. “My father appointed me to the position of vice-president of the ShinRa Company,” he said quietly.

Tseng didn’t react to the non sequitur, staying perfectly composed despite the obvious statement.

”I don’t think he realized how much power he was giving me at the time.” Rufus turned around, staring straight at Tseng. “Hojo is using my Turks as lab specimens.”

It wasn’t a question, but Tseng answered anyway, after a moment of hesitation. “Yes, he is.”

”Who else?”

”SOLDIERs. Army grunts. People from the Slums. Political enemies of the ShinRa.” Tseng shrugged. “Whoever you can think of.”

Rufus jerked, surprised. “SOLDIERs? If Sephiroth was aware that some of his killed-in-action and missing-in-action SOLDIERs had ended up in Hojo’s hands, he would burn this whole company to the ground,” he exclaimed, holding back a shiver of dread.

”I’m aware of this. It would be why I haven’t briefed him. As most cleans-up are done by Turks, I don’t believe that he has any suspicions yet.”

Rufus sighed. This was going to be even more dangerous that he had anticipated. “I want you to gather everything you can find against Hojo. Proofs of kidnapping, stealing, anything. Unearth every little dirty secrets of his that you can find. And for the love of Gaia, write up a report about the SOLDIERs and make sure that Sephiroth will understand that I’m on his side.”

Rufus didn’t need to explain that he had to get the support of the Silver General, as well as his two Commanders. He wasn’t sure why his father couldn’t acknowledge the fact that if he lost control of the three super-SOLDIERs, his entire empire would crumble within days. Rufus was determined to foster some good will with the SOLDIERs. With the backing of both the Turks and the SOLDIERs, nobody would dare oppose him.


1'000 worth of words written on Monday and Tuesday, go me \o/ Okay, it's really pathetic, but it's about all I wrote this year, so I still consider it a victory. Am gonna try to write some tonight too, but I'm pretty wiped, so we'll see :)

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As of November 30, 2013

Fandom: # BBC Sherlock #

please, notice me if any link is dead :)


Fandom: # Harry Potter #

please, notice me if any link is dead :)

HP )

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Title: Falling Together

Author: [personal profile] anyssia
Character/Pairing: John, Sherlock
Fandom/Spoilers: BBC Sherlock, spoilers for season 2, ep 3: the Reichenbach Fall.
Disclaimer: not mine and not making money with them.
Status: one-shot, 1'437 words, published on July, 16th, 2012.
Rating/Warning: gen, angst/death fic, shameless re-use of episode's dialogues
Beta (s): [ profile] lucime. All remaining mistakes are mine.

Summary: Sherlock falls and John is left behind by himself. Or... ?

Crossposted at: AO3 and SherlockBBC LJ Community

I'm a fake. )

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Total word count for June: 32'815 words.
Total word count for 2012: 71'225 words (none of which were published xD )

• Complete/posted work:

• WIP:
Harry Potter - "Adult HP adopts baby HP, Time Travel": 13'449 words
Harry Potter - Mary Sue: 13'656 words (total for this story: 21'945 words)
The Social Network - bad ass mother fucker!Eduardo, Harvard era: 1'796 words
BBC Sherlock - BAMF!John: 127 words
BBC Sherlock - Papa!Mycroft: 1'363 words
BBC Sherlock - Prompt 'heatwave': 266 words
OrigiFic - The boy she wants to own: 2'158 words

A lot of random plots. I was participating in the 2012 June Camp Nanowrimo, which is basically the same thing as the original November Nanowrimo, meaning 50'000 words a month. Didn't make it to the end and I didn't manage to stick to one story and see it to the end, but I still had a good time. Spent a lot of time procrastinating on Twitter and the french IRC Nanowrimo channel, talking with other participants and friends. It was a fun time :)

One of the lovely people there mentioned a new writing challenge that just took off today. It's over there, at (there's a Twitter and Facebook page too, easier to stay up to date than the wordpress website)
Here's what they say about it:
52 Shades of Short Stories (52SSS) is a friendly challenge to see if it is possible to make a living by writing and publishing a short (1000 à 6000+ words) story every week. Join us!

Starting July 2012, I’m going to try and write one short story per week, for as long as I can make it, and I’m inviting you to do the challenge too!

I don't intend to professionally publish anything, as I write fanfictions, but the idea of writing a short story a week is a nice one. I'm hoping that it'll help me get used to write regularly and finish one damn story sometimes. Because, seriously, I've written 71k this year already but I haven't published a word of it! O.o

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Total word count for Mai: 9'440 words.
Total word count for 2012: 38'410 words (none of which were published xD )

• Complete/posted work:

• WIP:

Harry Potter - "Natural Legilimens!Harry": 2'482 words
Harry Potter - Mary Sue story: 6'958 words (handwritten while I was at the hospital)

Those stories aren't particularly important. Mostly plot bunnies that I couldn't get out of my mind. May was quiet enough, writing wise, because I had surgery at the beginning of the month and spent the first couple of weeks in a haze, dozing on my chair.

Also, it's the last time I write by hand. It took me at least three days to copy the 20+ A4 manuscript pages in Scrivener. It was horrible. No more handwritten stories! x_x

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Total word count for April: 12'770 words.
Total word count for 2012: 28'970 words (none of which were published xD )

• Complete/posted work:

• WIP:
3 The Social Network ficlets that probably won't ever be published (4'800 words in February 2012)
1 Independent!Harry fic in progress (see previous post for more details) (6'700 words in January + 11'450 words in April)
1 BBC Sherlock in March (4'700 words). Will maybe finish this one, as it's almost done (it's a '5 times' fic)
1 Harry Potter Mary-Sue fic for my own pleasure. Probably won't be published either (1'320 words in April)
Currently, the main fic I'm working on is the independent!Harry. I have 18'000 words pending beta-reading. I'll start publishing it when [ profile] lucime will have more time to look it over :)

And a teaser from the independent!Harry fic (for which I really need to find a title xD ):Read more... )